Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kristiansand Live

Do you like listening to bands playing live? Enjoy going out in town? Yes? Then you should definitely check out Kristiansand Live. It is an online newsletter where information about all live gigs in town is published.

You will soon discover that the popular venues in town are:

Pir 6. Address: Studenthuset, Havnekvartalet.

Østsia. Address: Universitetet i Agder.

Charlies Bar. Address: Vestre Strandgate 12, 4600 Kristiansand.

På Hjørnet. Address: Vestre Strandgate 7, 4610 Kristiansand. Map: here.

Kråga. Address: Londskråga Pub, Marviksveien 2B, 4631 Kristiansand.

Midnight Cafe. Address: Vestre Strandgate 32, Kristiansand. Map: here.

Kick Scene. Address: Dronningens gate 8, 4610 Kristiansand. Map: here.

Bingen Scene. Address: Vesterveien 3, 4613 Kristiansand.

Samsen. Address: Vesterveien 2, 4613 Kristiansand.

Most of the tickets can be purchased at an entrance (kun dørsalg). Some events are free (gratis), but normally a ticket costs NOK 50, NOK 100, or NOK 200.

You can also find Kristiansand Live calendars on:




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