Monday, April 27, 2009

ISU National Assembly

On Friday me, Morgan and Vladimir departed on a night train to Oslo where we attended the ISU National Assembly. There we presented the newly established ISU Agder and later the same day got officially voted in as a thirteenth ISU branch in Norway. Now ISU Agder replaced our neighbours ISU Telemark becoming the youngest branch in the country.

During the weekend we have discussed how ISU could help Norwegian student organizations to include international students in their activities. We also talked about how to improve ways for arriving international students to adapt in a new social and academic environment. On Sunday, delegates of ISU branches voted on the changes in the Constitution and Platform.

The National Assembly was organized by ISU BI. Everyone loved the modern BI campus. That is probably because we had our breakfast and lunch on a roof terrace in seventh floor.

I must say I am absolutely impressed with the people I met there. One of my best experiences this semester. Extremely recommended. We came back home with head full of fresh ideas for ISU Agder.

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